Visiting Oslo? Welcome to Mølleren Sylvia

Mølleren Sylvia is an all-organic food store located in the center of Oslo, close to the castle.

We sell fruits and vegetables, müsli-mixes, nuts and grains - plus a variety of meat and chicken cuts, as well as wonderful small-farm dairy products. Our sourdough bread is so popular that we're regularly sold-out, and our open-range organic eggs so good that people buy whole trays!
We're a good place to shop if you want to sample food from different parts of Norway. Depending upon the season, we also carry a number of traditional foods, particularly around Christmas and Easter.

In recent years, a number of small-scale dairies have started up, turning out brilliant cheeses. We work to locate these and to carry a selection.
We've got amazing yoghurt, butter and crème fraîche from Kongsgården (the King's Farm), which is actually within a bike ride from our store.

If you're fond of baking, you'll find a selection of urgrains, such as emmer, spelt, einkorn, Dalawheat and others. We even have our own stone-mill, which makes it possible for us to grind your flour on the day you need it for baking. 

You'll also find non-allergenic cosmetics, body lotions, detergents, etc in our store.

Mølleren Sylvia is a great rendezvous point to plan your day in Oslo, as it's easy to find and conveniently placed in the middle of town.

Opening hours: Tue-Thu 11-18; Fri 11-17; Sat 11-16.
Address: Hegdehaugsveien 12, 0167 Oslo.


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